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Structural Design


Our Structural Design Team Works Closely With Both Our Clients And Internal Teams To Collaborate On Unique & Effective Packaging Designs

Our team of experienced structural engineers are here to help implement your packaging ideas, offer efficiencies and design recommendations, test functionality, troubleshoot technical issues, create dielines, provide prototype samples, suggest sustainable solutions and much more.

Some Variations of Folding Cartons We Produce Include Straight Tuck, Reverse Tuck, Auto-Bottom, Snap Lock (1-2-3) Bottom, Multipacks, Internals With Cells, Dividers, Inserts or Liners and Customized Shapes and Closures

We also manufacture sleeves, wraps, blister cards, rigid boxes, thermoforms, header cards, POP displays, counter displays, inserts, labels, corrugated items and trays (simplex, double wall, one piece, four corner, clicklock and frame view).

Our team designs structures with product fulfillment and end use in mind. We strive to create products that are not labor intensive in order to ease operations for co-packers and distribution centers. This mindset results in optimal efficiencies by reducing both waste and cost factors. 


Let’s open up the possibilities and find out how we can elevate your packaging solutions.