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Pre Media

Commercial Printing

Unimac’s State-Of-The-Art Three-Shift Prepress Department Ensures a High-Quality Output From the Start of Every Project

Our seamless digital workflow and proofing technologies along with experienced technical experts all come together to troubleshoot any potential issues before a job goes to press.

Every client file undergoes extensive preflight procedures to check and confirm your file is print-ready. Ensuring the file has high-resolution imagery, linked fonts, correct die lines and appropriate bleeds are just some of the issues that are squared away before outputting proofs.

Two women discuss color-swatches

Unimac’s Commercial Pre-Press Division

Consistency, accuracy and quality! That’s why we were early adopters and recipients of the G7 Master certification. The G7 calibration method provides the framework for printers to achieve consistent visual reproduction across multiple print platforms and demanding color management.

Corrections, manipulations and edits, photo retouching, page layout-editing, copy-editing, color matches and color correction, color density and imposition modifications are just a few of the capabilities routinely performed by our experienced staff.

You’ll also find our team well equipped and certified to advise on the best practices and implementation of environmental and sustainability related symbols, logos and icons.

When it comes to prepress, you need a trusted partner to prepare your job for the best possible outcome. You can rely on Unimac to be that source of expertise.