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Substrates & Paper Sheeting


More and More Clients Are Looking For Eye-Catching Ways to Get Their Packaging Noticed. The Substrate You Select Can Help Your Project Get Noticed and Stand Apart From the Crowd

Unimac has extensive experience with printing on specialty materials. Some of these include metalized polyester, foil boards, holographic/rainbow board, VAT dyed board, freezer board, transfers (recycled metalized board), textured and embossed stocks, styrene and more.

Gift Packaging

Specialty Substrates for Packaging Work

Metalized Polyester
Foil Boards

VAT Dyed Board
Freezer Board 
Transfers (Recycled Metalized Boards)

Large Rolls

Unimac sheets its own paper!

What does that mean to you? It gives us the ability to sheet large paperboard rolls on demand. This greatly improves your project’s time to market and increases your cost efficiencies!

Our Presses Have the Ability to Print Up to 36PT Caliper for Extreme Durability

We can also help guide you through sustainable stock options including recycled content, FSC and SFI certified papers.

The paper and substrate market is ever-evolving and understanding your options can often be overwhelming.

Unimac is here to help you navigate the multitude of material choices and select the best match for your unique project.