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How Will Your Project Arrive at Its Final Destination? What’s the Best Method of Transit? What’s the Best Way to Pack It?

The answers to these questions can often determine the success of your project

Unimac analyzes these questions and provides detailed solutions to ensure your project arrives on time, on budget, and in perfect condition.

These services include:

  • Data hygiene experts to clean, de-dupe and organize your shipping list.
  • FedEx and UPS automation for label generation and tracking number reports
  • Six shipping bays, each able to accommodate a full-size tractor trailer to expediate the organization of skids and pallets for quick and efficient loading
  • Every trailer is swept and visually inspected for leaks or potential damage prior to loading
  • Clear and concise Bills of Lading for each shipment
  • Determining the best method of shipment – or communicating with our client’s preferred shippers.
Trucks in dock